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WebSearch University 2016
September 13-14, 2016
DoubleTree by Hilton Crystal City
Arlington, VA

Take your search skills to the next level

Join the search experts—the people who specialize in tracking the ongoing developments in web search engines, resource platforms, and research strategies—at this year's WebSearch University. This intensive learning opportunity will sharpen your search skills, introduce you to new navigation tools, and improve your value to your organization.

You will learn how to handle challenging topics, evaluate credibility of sources, winnow an overwhelming number of results down to the most relevant, and effectively utilize new technologies. WebSearch University gives you unprecedented insights into the search process and validates the important role of research.

Searching the web on multiple devices is now ingrained in people's lives, so ingrained that they believe searching and finding are identical. Information professionals know better. Anyone can search, but not everyone can find desired information reliably or identify retrieved data as relevant. In a world where search is ubiquitous—and always free—speakers at WebSearch University share techniques to handle the "hard stuff" of professional research and discovery.

WebSearch University provides a unique opportunity to connect with some of the best-known power searchers on the planet. In a collaborative learning environment, you will learn how to surface information from the deep web, when to abandon the free web for a different source, why to use one tactic over another, and how to turn information overload into actionable information.

We refresh the curriculum for WebSearch University every year to reflect the rapid changes in search technology and search companies. The speed of change challenges even the best searchers to go back to school at WebSearch University. Revisit how you use the internet for research. Rethink your approach to search. Reset your personal search preferences. Renew your commitment to quality searching. Attend WebSearch University 2015.

Who should attend WebSearch University

Corporate, academic, public, and government librarians whose searches are the basis for major business decisions, scientific and scholarly research, or technical evaluations

Internet researchers in corporations, firms, government agencies, and labs, where information has a major impact on products and programs

Information professionals, webmasters, journalists, and strategic planners who need an advance look at where web search is going and how they should react

Market researchers whose research frequently moves from one subject area to another

Competitive intelligence specialists who need the most sophisticated search skills to monitor their industry and spot competitive trends

Information consultants whose clients demand quality information on a wide range of topics

Anyone whose job requires understanding the web and searching for the very best results!

Why you should attend WebSearch University

Learn advanced search skills from the world's best searchers.

Get practical, how-to advice about finding hidden details and data.

Hear from experts about leading and obscure search engines.

Understand the nuances that differentiate one search engine from another and when you shouldn't use a web search engine at all.

Get a briefing on the latest web search developments, platforms, and undocumented features.

Take home a binder packed with all the handouts and slides so you can remember, practice, and share what you've learned.



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