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Today's difficult economy requires info pros to keep on top of technological and content changes that affect their ability to deliver relevant research results in a timely, cost-effective manner. WebSearch University enables internet researchers to improve their skills and refresh their search competencies. Learn the new twists and turns, new search tools, new resources, new techniques, and new approaches to web research. Revisit how you use the internet for research. Rethink your approach to search. WebSearch University's 2-day intensive environment is devoted to how information professionals can most effectively and efficiently apply internet resources to their individual work situations.

What’s New for 2010?

Coming to Boston for the first time this spring, WebSearch University continues to provide essential information about the process of web searching, enhance the creativity of excellent searchers, and explore the underlying elements that affect successful research. Although the web is now part of the fabric of everyday life and search is commonplace, information professionals know there's more to search than meets the eye. Particularly in these challenging economic times, it's imperative for information professionals to invest in their continuing education and stay current with internet research capabilities. Even experienced information professionals need WebSearch University.

The curriculum for WebSearch University is refreshed every year, reflecting the rapid changes in search engines, search technology, and available resources. The speed of change in web search challenges even the best searchers to go back to school at WebSearch University. In 2010, you'll learn about the newest developments at known search engine companies, be introduced to different search engines, discover how to add value to search results, and gain knowledge on search strategies. Mobile search, semantic search, social software, business research, sci-tech sites, and current awareness are on the agenda for this year.

WebSearch University Faculty

Mary Ellen Bates
Bates Information Services, Inc.

Ann Cullen

Theresa Dillon

Tamas Doszkocs

Megan K Fox
Jobs for the Future

Laura Gordon-Murnane
Bloomberg BNA

Ran Hock
Online Strategies

Greg Notess
Montana State University

Marydee Ojala
Online Searcher Magazine

Allison Ounanian